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Broken Bones & Fractures Treatment Q&A

Broken Bones and Fractures require immediate medical attention and if you are in the Mission Valley, CA area in San Diego, AFC Urgent Care can be a quicker, cheaper method of care. Our Urgent Care is fully equipped to provide treatment for non-life-threatening broken bones and fractures that do not require surgery or traction. Walk-in today! Call us for more information.

Broken Bones & Fractures Treatment Q&A

If you require treatment for a broken bone of fracture, AFC Family Urgent Care is one of the pioneers in the field of non-emergency room urgent care, priding itself on quick, cost effective care utilizing onsite technology that can have most patients able to arrive, receive care, and head home within an hour of arrival. With a full kit of splints, casts, bandages and other medical necessities, AFC Urgent Care in Mission Valley is prepared to provide treatment for many broken bones and fractures.

Can Urgent Care treat Broken Bones?

Broken Bones and Fractures can vary in seriousness, with some requiring as little as a splint and other requiring surgery to ensure the bones heal correctly. While all Broken Bones require immediate treatment, what treatment can be provided by an urgent care center varies depending on the severity and location of the fracture. Should the break be on a limb such as the hands, arms, feet and legs and only require a splint or a cast then AFCs Urgent Care is fully equipped to deal with the injury. We also have an on-site digital x-ray so you can get your results while you wait. Urgent Care Clinics are preferable options to standard walk in clinics as they can provide more advanced treatments and procedures often unavailable from general practitioners. However, if you think the fracture may be life threatening or appears to require surgery it is probably in your best interests to head to the Emergency Room immediately rather than Urgent Care.

What are the best methods to treat broken bones?

Most importantly the broken bone needs to be immobilised, usually through means of a cast or surgically implanted metal rods to hold the fracture in place. Another option for certain fractures is traction, the slow and gentle pulling on fractured body parts using ropes, pulleys, weights, and slings. Traction is also often used as a precursor to surgery to ensure that minimal surgical time is required to set the broken bone.

What should you do when treating a fracture?

When treating a fracture, it is important to immediately stop any bleeding by applying pressure to the wound with a clean cloth or piece of clothing through a sterile bandage is ideal. It is important to immobilize the injured area though you should not attempt to set or push back in any bone extruding. You can also apply ice packs or cold cloths to the area to reduce swelling and help control the pain. If there is no risk of further injury or exacerbating the wound you should lay the individual down on their back and slightly elevate the legs and feet in order to assist with treating the shock of the injury. CPR may be required if the individual stops breathing or goes into deeper shock from the wound. If shock occurs it is probably in your best interest to get the injured individual to the hospital emergency room as soon as possible to prevent further injury or damage.

Can a Walk In Urgent Care help me with a fracture?

Absolutely and there are no appointments required at our San Diego, Mission Valley location and we offer our care on a Walk-In basis. Upon entry you will be assisted by our team of friendly and knowledgeable urgent care professionals so that you can receive the care you need as soon as possible. Our Urgent Care Clinic is open from 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week for maximum convenience, as we understand that urgent care can be required at any time. Our staff are skilled in dealing with all manner of patients from seniors to children and we have a pediatric clinic on site to provide urgent care for children. If the fracture can be treated at Urgent Care, it can be treated by AFC Urgent Care.

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