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Heat Stroke Treatment Questions and Answers

If you think you might be suffering from heat stroke due to high heat temperatures and need treatment as soon as possible, walk-in to our AFC Urgent Care in Mission Valley today! We are located at 8590 Rio San Diego Dr Ste 111 San Diego, CA 92108. We have the treatment options to help with your heat stroke symptoms.

Heat Stroke Treatment Near Me in Mission Valley, CA

What causes heat stroke?

Heatstroke is generally caused when your body begins to overheat from the sun or long exposure to high temperatures. Heat stroke can cause minor to major damage. If you believe you might have signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, visit our Urgent Care to get treatment immediately.

Heatstroke can be caused or result from the following:

  • Exposure of high-temperatures

Heat stroke or heat exhaustion can be cause from being in a hot environment which leads to the body’s core temperature to rise

  • Extreme activities

Heatstroke can also be caused by an increase in the body’s core temperature being brought on by extraneous activity in warmer weather

  • Excessive clothing being worn

Wearing excessive amounts of clothing in warm weather can cause your body to sweat profusely and prevents the body’s sweat to evaporate to cool down your body

  • Intaking excessive amounts of alcohol

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol during warm temperatures can have a negative effect on your body, as it limits the ability to regulate your core body’s temperature

  • Severely dehydrated

Not having the opportunity to drink enough water to help replenish the fluids that you are continuously losing throughout the day from sweating can cause heat stroke

How do you treat heat stroke?

Varying on the severity of your symptoms from heat exhaustion or heat stroke will depend where you need to go or what treatments you can apply at home to help before going into an urgent care or emergency room. Some home remedies you can do to help before going in are:

  • Relaxing in a cool place, generally with air-conditioning or in a shady spot with a fan if possible
  • Drink fluids, and stick to drinks like water or sport drinks
  • Put-on loose-fitting clothing to help your body release sweat and let that sweat evaporate to cool you down
  • Jump into a cool shower or bath, or put on several towels that have been immersed in cold water onto your skin to help cool your body down

If your heat stroke symptoms are severe, you will need to visit an urgent care or emergency room immediately to be treated. A few things an urgent care or emergency room can do to help with your heat stroke which are different from home remedies can be:

  • Putting you in an ice water bath
  • Evaporation cooling techniques
  • Apply ice and cooling blankets to your body
  • Offer medication to stop the shivering

What happens to your body during heat stroke?

Many people suffer from heat-related illnesses, which is when the body’s core temperature starts to go into overdrive from the hot temperatures its been in. Heat stroke is considered one of the worst forms of heat-induced illness someone can encounter. A few of the symptoms you need to be on the lookout for include:

  • Dizziness
  • Light-headed
  • Weakness
  • Clumsiness
  • Poor coordination
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Muscle aches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Under certain circumstances, sweating is not enough. If a person’s core temperature starts to rise too quickly, it can cause severe damage to your brain or other vital organs. Other issues that can limit your body’s ability to regulate your body’s temperatures include old age, youth (ages 0-4), obesity, fever, dehydration, heart disease, mental illness, poor circulation, sunburn and substance abuse. If heat stroke is left untreated, it will begin to affect your organs and other vital parts of the body to be damaged and become worse.

What is the difference between heat stroke and sun stroke?

Heat stroke and sun stroke are two different terms for the same thing. Heat exhaustion is the first sign that your body is starting to overheat and could lead to heat stroke and cause more severe issues. If your body starts to develop any signs of heat stroke, heat exhaustion or sun stroke, make sure to get somewhere cool and let your body cool down with water by either drinking it or splashing it on your entire body.

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